Out on the farm with Jed, Nyk and their friend "Gus."

Out on the farm with Jed, Nyk and their friend "Gus."

The Blue Scorcher met up with workers Jed and Nyk out on the farm on a crisp winter day. Jed estimates that he has worked at the café for about 4 or 5 years. Nyk comments that he originally started out as "Captain Clean" and as a dishwasher. Eventually, he moved over to the Tuesday Cannon Beach Farmers Markets. Recently, he started making chocolates with Peggy, another worker-owner. Currently, Nyk is back to washing dishes. He is also currently the contact person for the art wall.

Question: What are your thoughts about working at The Scorcher?

Nyk: I think it’s a cool job because there’s a lot of ability to specialize in something whether it be very particular or evolutionary. So the structure is very free to try different jobs.

Jed: I make mountains of burritos, and prep other items for the line. Mostly I'm just trying to keep a good rhythm on the job so things happen as succinctly as possible and I don't have to think too much. I love all the people I work with and that's what's nice about it. The work itself is pretty repetitive, so I just try to find good reasons to laugh and enjoy the company, which is really easy here.

Q: So you find that structure good for keeping things interesting?

Nyk: Oh yes, there are a lot of opportunities to introduce new recipes or personalize your work environment.

Q: What’s the best things you’ve had your hand in making at The Scorcher?

Nyk: Nourishing bars; when I was making chocolate with Peggy last year I also made nourishing bars, which I really like.

Q: What kind of things do you like doing outside of work if you don’t mind sharing?

Jed: Yeah, that’s what I try to do the most—creative activities, mostly music. I've spent this past year studying rhythm in depth. Learning to play interesting clave rhythms, practicing drums, deconstructing other peoples music, and doing exercises with drum machines where the beat cuts out a lot and it's up to me to keep the tempo solid. This past month I’ve been getting back into keyboards and organ but I’m not as good at that yet as I am at the stringed instruments. I’ve been playing guitar since I was little.

Nyk: Right now, we are working on raising African Nubian goats. At some point in the future, we might have goat milk for sale. Stay tuned!


Thank you Nyk and Jed!