We had the pleasure of spending an hour with Danny of Sow a Seed Farm. Driving up, we were all greeted by the sounds of inquiring honking geese and scattering chickens. Danny Muller, resident farmer, greeted us with a smile and cheerfully showed us around his beautiful farm.

Located in Seaside, Sow a Seed is a small scale organic farm created by Danny Muller, a self taught farmer and Seaside native with an obvious natural green thumb. His impressive layout of chicken coops and greenhouses showcased budding greens, many of which could eventually make their way into various Blue Scorcher dishes such as the side salad and fritatta.

Danny has been farming on the side for 5 years. When asked what brought him to it, he stated “I actually just like watching stuff grow, maybe even more than eating it, I guess.” Danny has had a few helpers over the years, but does the majority of the work himself; that is, when he has time away from his primary job as carpenter and father. It seems the green thumb may run in the family—his daughter loves to get her hands dirty in the soil, and eats the greens right off the stems.

Outside of farming, Danny likes to climb trees and has even found time to build a treehouse in his spare time. He also plays guitar. He has tried his hand at beekeeping but shakes his head at the difficulty. He stated with an exasperated smile “I’ve gone through nine hives!”

Before leaving Sow A Seed, we looked into the greenhouse to see hundreds of budding salad greens. “Those are your greens coming along!” Danny exclaimed.

The next time you eat your fritatta or salad at The Scorcher, feel proud that you are supporting a local organic farmer that is passionate about bringing his farm straight to your plate!

Thank you Danny for your warm welcome.

Sow a Seed provides fresh organic produce to The Blue Scorcher, The Firehouse Grill and perhaps 14th Street Coffee in the near future. For anyone who may want to buy his greens, he states that he may be at the Seaside Market this year with a booth; however, he is not certain yet.