The Scorcher is a worker-owned and -operated cooperative. We sustain our mission and culture by:

  • Providing ourselves with a living wage and benefits: Workers earn an average of $13.50 per hour, paid leave is accrued after three months of employment, scheduling is flexible and worker-focused, one staff meal and drink per shift with a 30 minute paid lunch break, 25 percent discount, one fresh loaf of bread per week, and access to wholesale ordering. 
  • Creating organic, handcrafted goods: We strive to source local or regionally-available ingredients that are sustainably grown or raised to produce our pastries, bread, café food, and coffee. We’d like to begin growing more of our own!
  • Serving ourselves by serving others: We foster kinship among workers, our customers, and with our community. We have made a commitment to donating our excess to the tables of those in need; supporting our local schools, farmers, and nonprofit organizations; and offering cultural and educational events to bring people together throughout the year.
  • Committing to collaboration in our communication, work, and conflict management: The kin work involved in consensus-based decision making and management requires a commitment to communication and trust-building within the work community. What does this look like? Proactively seeking feedback before and after shifts, working – not only efficiently, but – mindfully, being a reliable person, reciprocating good will, giving direct feedback early and often, listening to seek understanding – especially in conflict, and avoiding victim mentality by being both vulnerable and accountable.

Successful applicants have not only an aptitude for baking, cooking or barista work, but an interest in being an active part of a democratic workplace. We believe that applying our efforts to this kin work will improve our lives and ripple outward into our relationships, families, and community. We expect each worker to practice, uphold, and champion our mission. Please continue to complete our application if you feel like the Scorcher is the place you’ve been looking for.