Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Where Does "Scorcher" Come From? 

About 1885 the newly evolved “safety” bicycles with two wheels the same size and pneumatic tires captured the imagination of people everywhere and made bicycles accessible for the first time to everyone, not just daredevils. Ordinary citizens, both men and women, felt the thrill of long rides in the country, leisurely group rides and speed! Some of these early cyclists were especially impressed with the speedy aspect of the new bikes, hence the moniker of “Scorcher” given to both bicycles and their riders. This photo is from a so-called scorcher race in 1893.



Q.  Why have flour prices jumped so much? 

From what we have researched the jump in flour prices is influenced by several factors:

  • world wide crop failures for several years running - lower yields due to weather.

  • farmers switching to growing corn to supply the bio-fuel craze - thereby further reducing available wheat.

  • huge increases in fuel costs due to war-mongering, making both farming and transporting of wheat much more expensive.




Q.  Do you make anything Gluten free? 

The pastry case features a few gluten free items regularly, such as Aunt Ethel’s chocolate macaroons; Cosmos cookies with yam, toasted coconut, and toasted walnut; and Nourishing Bars, made with sunflower butter, a punch of cranberry, and a layer of dark chocolate.

The cafe menu features breakfast and lunch items that can be made with our gluten free Golden Bread: egg dishes with gluten free toast, homemade granola, tempeh and gluten free toast, and - on Fridays - our homemade gluten free quiche.

A warning: Our gluten rich environment makes cross contamination in bread, pastry, food, and drinks inevitable. We encourage those with gluten sensitivities and gluten allergies to be aware that we mill some of our own flour on premises and there may be air-born wheat. If you are highly sensitive or allergic, we may not be the best or safest place for you to eat.